Agnes A. Calalang
Such an exceptional client service experience I had. The whole staff are great, friendly and helpful. Duke Park was thorough and very accommodating. He listen to his patients, bouncing ideas before he gives his professional recommendations. And at the end he make sure his patients are happy and satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend his clinic He has so much passion of his work, you will not get disappointed. Thank you Duke and to the whole crew.
Jason Werner
I had an old denture that finally broke down and I needed it to be repaired. Upon bringing it to Mr.Duke he told me that there wasn’t a good enough repair to be done so we opted to make a new pair. These are amazing they feel great , look good and Duke told me if there were any problems to call immediately and he will take care of it. Thank you very much Duke Park Denture Clinic. 😁
Sheila Tofini
I have had great teeth all my life so when I had to have a single temporary denture I was stressed about it - not to mention I am known to be a big baby in the dentist chair lol. Duke and his group were patient, caring and professional. I can recommend this clinic from this positive experience. Thank you!
Virginia Fuller
I had a pair of dentures made in December last year. When they didn't fit well anymore after 6 mos. I decided to look for a new dental clinic and was lucky enough to find Duke Park Denture Clinic. On meeting Duke, I found him to be a very personable young man. He was very friendly and caring. I decided to have him make me a new pair and found out that he was very thorough in his work. He made sure that my dentures fitted well and assured me that any problem I had would be taken care of promptly. I am very pleased with my new dentures because I can now eat as well as with my natural teeth and they look good. I highly recommend Duke Park Lab to anyone looking for a good dental clinic. THANK YOU DUKE for taking good care of me.
B Wang
Duke Park is nice, patient and professional. The Clinic office is friendly. We are very satisfied with the high quality dentures and great services. Beyond our expectations! Thank you.
Bob Chapman
I have had maybe 6 or 7 dentures made of the course of my 65 years. When I went into a denturist I would often find the offices somewhat dirty from the dust of making the dentures. I was blown away when I went into Duke's clinic. Ultra clean like a dentists office. Duke was meticulous in making my dentures. He wasn't happy with the final fit that without me knowing made an entirely new denture over the weekend. They fit wonderfully. No pain or hot spots. I highly recommend Duke!!!
Robert Sanzalone
Duke has been my go-to denturist since my introduction to him through my dentist in Burnaby. He is friendly and his work is thorough. He has been flexible with my unpredictable schedule which was very helpful and appreciated. I intend to continue my denture updates with Duke and strongly recommend using his services. Thanks Duke!